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How to Save Money on a Wedding

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A wedding is a “big day” in anyone’s life when we choose to step into a new life with our beloved. It’s one of those few occasions where we want to make everything special not only for the would-be couple but for their near and dear ones. But weddings have now become so costly that it actually burns a hole in your pocket leaving you wondering – “was the extravaganza really worth?”

For all those of you who are planning to tie the knot, we have some really useful tips on how to save money on your wedding.

  • Avoid getting married on Saturdays – Saturday weddings are costlier compared to any other day. So try and hold your wedding on any other day including Sunday.


  • Take time in planning – It’s always better if there is a sufficient gap between the day of your wedding and your actual D-day. This way you can get a lot more time to plan your wedding – getting quotes from different vendors and then finalizing – maintaining a balance between cost and quality.


  • Choose off-season for your D-day – Getting married in the wedding season can really cost you. It’s better to marry in the off-season than applying for title loans in Reno, NV, this way you will be able to save on quite a few things. You might end up getting discounts too.


  • Select a venue where you can opt for your own vendors – It’s become a trend for the wedding venues to offer packages which include catering, DJ, bartender, photographer etc. This means they will charge a rate where they will keep some commission for each of these services and naturally, the cost is higher. So it’s always a better idea to select a venue without any package deal.


  • Rent a house – Renting a house rather than any wedding venue is always cheaper. You can use that house both for the wedding and for lodging. Best, you can hold the house-party and after wedding party there itself without wasting extra bucks. Trust me these parties will be much more intimate and higher on the spirit of celebration, leaving your guests with fond memories.


  • Wedding and reception at the same venue – There is no point in holding the wedding and the reception at separate venues. After finishing with the wedding ceremonies, your guests can start with the appetizer/cocktail round immediately without wasting any time. Moreover, a big amount can be saved without having to transport the guests from the wedding venue to the reception venue.


  • Get married on a campus – If your workplace has a beautiful community or conventional hall that can be rented by the employees, then do not think before using that facility. Trust me it will be much less chaotic and in all probability you will get some very good discounts. The campus locations (especially in colleges, gardens etc.) are picturesque so you don’t have to worry about the ambiance. In case your workplace does not have that facility, call up your friends or family members and try and get the necessary information.


  • Restaurants for reception – In case you want to have a reception at a different place other than your wedding venue, then opt for some fancy restaurant where you just need to pay for the food and the alcohol. Other things like room, furniture, lighting, beautiful décor, linens, display items – everything are included and you don’t even need to worry about getting all of these in your venue, placing them, coordinating with the vendors and so on and so forth.
  • Go for a courthouse wedding – Getting married at the courthouse brings along a lot of benefits for you. First, you don’t have to take stress about arranging everything at the wedding venue and coordinating with different vendors. Second, you’ll be guided with all the paperwork by the officials at the courthouse. Third, you can save money and probably use that for your honeymoon. Last but not the least, you can put in more efforts in making your reception beautiful.


  • Avoid sitting arrangement for dinner – Curtailing on sitting arrangement for dinner can really help you save a lot. duet entrees are very good options. Skipping the main course isn’t a big deal – sumptuous appetizers and drinks will also make your guests happy. Also, serving comfort foods such as barbecue chicken, pulled pork, corn, mac and cheese to your guests is much more fun and cheaper. Hiring a full bar is expensive, instead offer wine, beer and some signature cocktail. Get advice from your friend or friends’ friend, who work as a bartender, to prepare nice cocktails. This will be at a much cheaper price, you could avoid the embarrassment of asking, “What is a payday loan?” There is also no harm in skipping the champagne toast.


  • Wedding cake – Order one small cake for cake cutting ceremony. Serve sheet cakes to the guests that you can get at your local bakery store. Just do some research before ordering it and your guests will keep talking about your wedding cake for months! Cupcakes also serve as a good alternative. The add-ons for the cake can be kept simple. Reusing ceremony flowers for decorating your cake table is also a clever idea to make some saving. Exotic cake fillings such as mango and guava can be easily skipped.


  • Favors and stationery – Single-page invitation cards help you save on postage stamps. Each couple can be given one favor. Your wedding cake can also be made as the favor. Get the number of your favors doubled to be used as escort cards. Send the ‘save-the-dates’ to the guests through emails. Create your own escort cards, wedding favors and menu cards.


  • Curtail use of too much of flowers – Use less-costly flowers – peonies are 5 times costlier than the roses. Try using not more than 2 types of flowers. Seasonal flowers also help in bringing down the cost. Decorate smartly – you can choose a non-floral theme (such as colorful lanterns) over a floral theme. Make use of greenery more than spending on the flowers. Bridesmaids’ bouquets can also be altered with some non-floral options.


  • Shop wisely – Try buying your wedding gown in the offseason and from non-wedding retailers. If you really want to flaunt your wedding gown, then buy the previously worn wedding dress at a really cheap price.

With these small tricks and some real smart moves, make your D-day the most special one!!


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