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Looking for the Right Wedding Photographer in Toronto

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There are hundreds of different things which need to be sorted out in the time between becoming engaged and the actual wedding day.  Of course, sometimes there is a huge gap between these two events and planning cannot really start until the date has been set.  Unfortunately in many cases you will end up with approximately eighteen months to organize the wedding of your dreams; a time span which can sometimes be insufficient to obtain the venue you have desired for years.  

Although the venue is one of the first items to be booked, a wedding photographer should be selected early in the process.  This is because the best photographers will get booked early.  Firms like Mango Studios; a wedding photographer in Toronto, has an enviable reputation and are in demand.  The quality of their photos should be enough to convince you to sign up with them as soon as possible!

Before you can commit to any wedding photographer, in Toronto or elsewhere, there are a few points which must be verified:


You wish to have fantastic photos of your special day.  However there is more to a great photographer than being good at taking photos.  They must have a friendly and open personality.  You will need to get along with them to ensure you get the pictures you want alongside the ones they think you want.  There is little point in having a photographer than you cannot talk to or make requests of when you are paying them to complete the job!

The right personality will enable you to feel comfortable and this will leave you open to their suggestions and potentially a range of pictures you had not previously considered.


The next most important items is to confirm your preferred photographer is available for the dates you have in mind.  At this stage you will probably have booked you venue and will not be keen on trying to change it just to get a specific photographer.  The sooner you book your wedding photographer the better!  It is advisable to obtain an assurance that they will be there or that they have a back-up if there are any last minute issues.


The cost of your photographer will play a part in your decision.  However, this may not be the most important part of the decision process.  Although you will probably have a budget in mind, this is one of the few occasions when breaking that budget or pushing it to the limit is acceptable.  These memories will need to last you a lifetime!

Previous Work

Finally, as with any contractor it is advisable to check the quality of their work and confirm their reputation either through friends and relatives who have used their services or by checking on the feedback provided on the various social media accounts.  You should be able to see some of their previous works, preferably pictures which have not been edited.  This will allow you to see the real quality of their work and be comfortable you have picked the right wedding photographer in Toronto.


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