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Latest Wedding Trends for 2017

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Wedding trends continue to evolve with the latest looks and styles that are popular. For those who are planning an upcoming event, it’s important to create an updated and modern wedding that will look classy. From the wedding attire to the centerpieces, there are a few important trends to incorporate.

Metallic Details

Metallic details add a touch of glamor and luxe to the decor that is used with the shiny elements that look regal. Gold, bronze, and silver details are ideal for black-tie events and should be used sparingly for pops of color. Consider adding metallic table runners or metallic fondant on the cake, which will incorporate extra shine that is chic and elegant.

Sky Lanterns

Offering a unique and fun experience to your wedding guests will prove to make for a memorable event. Sky lanterns are increasing in popularity for the romance that they offer to outdoor weddings. You can give each guest or table their own lantern to light, which will float into the sky and will make for a beautiful view that is spectacular.

Those who have more guests at their event can opt for using wedding sparklers when it’s time for the send-off. Your family members and friends can create a tunnel or pathway while holding the sparklers as you escape into the getaway car.


Oversized bows are dramatic and look feminine when they’re used on wedding gowns or to decorate each layer of the cake. You can incorporate the detail into your wedding them, which can be used on the back of each chair during the ceremony or with the napkins that are placed at each table setting.

Live Entertainment

Instead of using a DJ to spin during the reception, you can hire a live band or group to perform when you want to play authentic music while spending time on the dancefloor for wedding dance. More people are also opting for other forms of entertainment that include acrobats, live choirs, and aerialists.

Food Trucks

Although three to five-course meals were customary for formal weddings in past years, more people are choosing casual options when serving the food after the ceremony. Food trucks are convenient and make for a fun addition that allows guests to mingle as they wait in line to get a plate. Food trucks and family-style meals allow everyone to feel more relaxed and can make for an ice breaker. Consider hiring a truck that serves burgers, pizza or sushi.

The wedding day is considered to be the most important day in many people’s lives. Incorporating the latest trends will make it a special event that looks beautiful and allows everyone to enjoy themselves as they celebrate your union.

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