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Keep The Happy Moments In Your Pocket With Hawkeye Firefly 7s Action Cameras

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Tremendous look, high resolution and best picture quality and best sound effect for audio and video. Latest technology for making moments more memorable. If you want to go any trip anywhere in party function you can carry brand new HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S.

The market is full of ACTION CAMERAS but HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S has the different innovative function in it. Affordable to buy and easy to use. You can use its smart features to make a good effect in your picture, audio and video quality. It has many different features compare with any other ACTION CAMERA. Waterproof, Wi-Fi connectivity, Lightweight. You can buy HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S with the closed eye.

Click as you want: – With hi-fi click function HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S give you best picture and sound quality. Small size makes it more to like. You can turn it has 120-degree wide angle lens that your picture from any angle you want. Video resolution is 216P. It has space of 32 GB to save your picture and retain picture quantity.

How it works: – It works with One click on Power button which appears on the top of HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S. After one click all features and keys start working. Front screen shows the timeline and date. It also shows the snap timer. The back screen shows the picture that will be taken. Two-button given on the top of the device one is used for picture and second for video. It is one menu button appears in the front of ACTION CAMERA that manages all functions.

Advanced features: – HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S CAMERA offers the incredible images stabilization function. It helps to give you full resolution. Many type of picture and action colors combination. This ACTION CAMERA introduces new feature quality to improve the video resolution. HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S CAMERA record up to 4k. This camera is also able to take slow motion videos. Battery offer with the device is 1600mAh GoPro3/3+ Compatible battery that takes 90 minutes picture or action. This HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S CAMERA has four buttons and a small LCD for manage the functions. ON/OFF power button that uses for ON the camera and with long click on the button you can turn OFF the camera. One power button can take your video mode to photo mode and start/stop the function. UP and DOWN button gives your click many effects. With UP button you can navigate up in the menus, and long press to turn on the Wi-Fi connection. DOWN button is used for entering the menu and exit to the previous menu. The package included the supported equipment that use to start, process and made it for work.

Summary: – With all aspect HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S CAMERA has many innovative features which are used to take your life picture and capture your actions. Full HD picture quality will add to the beauty of the picture. Customer’s positive review shows the success story of this HAWKEYE FIREFLY 7S CAMERA.

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