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Why is an Ice Sculpture Just Perfect for Your Wedding?

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Who could ever imagine that a melting sculpture could become the most attractive décor element at their wedding? It just simply overshadows the other creative decorations by adding something unique, special and ethereal to the all-round ambience. Here’s why more and more people are deciding on the use of an ice sculpture at a whole host of various events.

  • Get the design that you wish for – No design is too big or elaborate and you can ask for any design that conveys your ideas to the invitees.
  • An alternative and unconventional wedding décor idea – If you’re wanting a decoration that’s outside of the box, simply get an ice sculpture designed for your wedding.
  • Create a lasting and memorable impression – That special day will be immortalized in the minds of all of the guests because the ice sculpture will have melted away by the very end of the day, and they only ever got to see it!
  • Conversation Starters – Ice sculptures definitely help to draw attention, evoke curiosity and help break the ice between guests. (No pun intended!) With a simple online search, you can find a company providing top quality ice sculpture in Queensland, with the click of a mouse. Now, that isn’t going to take much running around is it?!
  • Cost effectiveness – Ice sculptures are affordable in comparison with many other more expensive decoration items available on the market. Oddly enough, the sculptures have a way of looking like a symbol of luxurious décor, but if you do the research you will be surprised to find that these stunning pieces are actually very affordable. You can include them even if your wedding is on a budget.
  • Why commit yourself to spending heaps of dollars on elaborate decoration accessories when a single, beautiful and unique ice sculpture can do the same trick. Simply just celebrate your wedding with an ingenious and beautifully designed and crafted ice sculpture!
  • Organise a photographer to be on hand who can take pictures of guests who seem to be smitten by the beauty of the ice figurines. That would be a perfect wedding favour for them. In fact, you will probably see more guests wishing to have their photos taken as the event wears on! But beware! One thing you will need to do is make sure that the sculptures are well hardened in the freezer. This will ensure that they easily last the length of your wedding ceremony.

Clarity and Colour

By default, most professional companies use perfect, crystal-clear ice for their ice sculptures. But, the clarity can be altered to suit the look you wish for. Along with that, you can also add different colours and even LED lights to give them that added visual interest. Have a word with the experts and let them tell and show you exactly what kinds of sculpture there are that can be created.

May your wedding day be as cool and beautiful as you both are! Good luck!

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