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Five Top Tips For Choosing A Wedding Venue

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Your Wedding day is without a doubt one of the most special days of your life, so it’s important that everything is just perfect, especially your venue.

Not only do you want yourself and your partner to fall in love with the spot you choose to hold your ceremony, but you want it to be just perfect for your guests too.

There are lots of things to think about when choosing just the right spot to say “I do”, so here are five tips for choosing the wedding venue of your dreams.

Guest list

Think about your guest list before you even start to look for a venue. Ultimately you want to have the people who mean the most to you present on your wedding day, so you need to make sure your venue can accommodate everybody.

Sit down together and list the family and friends who you would both like to be at the ceremony and the reception, and for the evening event. It’s important that you have these numbers before you start looking at a venue so that you don’t end up falling in love with somewhere that is not suitable.


Be realistic about your budget and make sure that you have your finances fully figured out. Weddings are notoriously expensive but having a good and realistic idea of the amount you will have available to cover the costs by your chosen day is important.

It is possible to hold a beautiful wedding on a budget, so if this is likely to be something you wish to do it is important to be realistic about this early on and choose a venue accordingly.

The Simple Dollar has plenty of ideas in this post for ways to be frugal on your wedding day without it feeling cheap!

Colour scheme

This may sound like a petty thing to think about before choosing a venue, but do keep in mind your colour scheme if you have one in mind. For example, if your venue has distinguishing features that would clash, you’d have to consider whether you could compromise.

Decide on your theme

Think about your life together and what makes your wedding so special, and think about your theme accordingly. This will really affect your venue!

For example, if you are both very outdoorsy and love getting out and about in nature you may wish to hold your special day at a beautiful Lake District Country Hotel, or if you want something a little bit more edgy you can even get married in Victoria Warehouse in Manchester!

It really comes down to you and your partner, and you may even have somewhere in mind already that you’ve always dreamed of getting married.

View several venues

We advise going to see a couple of different venues, even if you believe that you have your heart set one one in particular. It may just confirm your desires to book your chosen venue, or you may discover one that might work even better for you.

With it being such an important day, it is important to make sure you get it just right, and going to visit the venues you have in mind in person is a must so that you can get an idea of how things would work on the day.

We hope this has given you some pointers when it comes to picking your perfect wedding venue and getting your big day just right!

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