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Your Essential Guide to Luxury: What You should Really Look for in a Luxury Hotel

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There are many hotels nowadays, and competition is fierce. Guests today, after all, are more picky and selective when it comes to their expectations from these places of accommodation. But if you are looking for true luxury in a hotel, what should you really be after? Yes, many hotels spend a lot on decoration and ambience to try and make their hotels look spectacular. But does it end there? No, it doesn’t – definitely not. Here’s what you should really look for in a luxury hotel.

Nice beddings

The whole point of staying in a hotel is comfort and convenience. You would want to be comfortable as soon as you walk into your room. And when it comes to comfort, nothing says more than a good bed and nice, luxurious beddings. In fact, luxury hotels take pride in the kinds of beds and beddings they provide their guests. The bed needs to be comfortable yet provide good support at the same time with a good mattress. The beddings need to be chosen with care – the higher the thread count, the better. If the hotel can provide you with plush duvets and mattress toppers (such as luxury hotels Oxfordshire like the Crowne Plaza) what more could you ask for? You can even perform a simple test to assess the hotel: ask for extra pillows and see how accommodating the hotel can be.

The quality of the food and drink

Another distinction which separates a luxury hotel from the rest is the quality of its food and drink. First of all, a good hotel should be able to offer room service for those who require it. Of course, it’s always best to check out the local dining options when you’re staying in a particular location, but if you need room service, the hotel should be able to give you some good options as well. Some hotels also make it a point to offer a great breakfast buffet, so if this is important to you, then make sure to check. Other hotels offer locally-sourced food and produce, and perhaps an organic selection or two. One thing to look for would be excellent bread and pastries – baked in the hotel itself, if possible.

Excellent baths and toiletries

Who doesn’t like luxuriating in a bath when in a hotel? If you like lounging around in the bath after a long and tiring day, then you should look for great bath toiletries and amenities. A luxury hotel would often give guests high-quality toiletry brands and products, but if they have their own in-house brand, it should be a good one.  Of course, don’t neglect the bath itself – it should be clean, comfortable, and luxurious (think roll-top baths, for instance), allowing you to relax and rejuvenate in utmost style.

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