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The Difference Between A Wedding Speech And A Toast

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Are you trying to find a good speech for an upcoming wedding or were you asked to give a toast for that wedding? If that’s the case, then it’s important to figure out which are the differences between the two terms. For most people these terms seem to be one and the same, but things are not like that.

In fact, a wedding speech and a toast are very different when compared to one another. This is why we created an article that will help you remove the confusion once and for all!

What is a wedding speech?

You should see the wedding speech as a short talk that is designed to honor the bride and groom. During the speech you should also honor their families and appreciate their children! Most of the time a wedding speech doesn’t have to be long because multiple persons want to have one, so keeping it short and simple is exactly what you need here. It lasts up to 5 minutes most of the time but if you keep it shorter results can be even better.

You are free to make the wedding speech as personal as possible. This means you can easily integrate personal stories, anecdotes, you can express your feelings or you can even add in some relevant quotes if you want.

The structure can be free form or you can opt for a dedicated structure if you want. You are free to opt for any option, as there aren’t that many restrictions. A speech can be concluded with a wedding toast, but that’s not entirely necessary!

What is a wedding toast?

Unlike the wedding speech which is quite long and which does include quite a bit of information and feelings, the toast is a lot shorter. In fact, it’s a statement that showcases your wishes to the couple and their family. You will need to rise the glass before you share that statement and then the guests will drink from their glass in order for the statement to (hopefully) become true.

You don’t have to prepare the toast beforehand, usually you can create it on the spot if you want. You can conclude the toast with a speech or you can just keep it short and simple.

Which is the more appropriate option?

This depends based on how close you are to the bride and groom. A simple toast is ok if you are friends, but family members and people which are very close to the groom and bride are expected to have a speech most of the time. One thing is certain here, each option is great if you want to showcase your wishes for the newly wedded! You should try and prepare a speech or toast beforehand, especially if you have a lot to say. Thankfully, there are templates online that will help you create a speech in no time, so even if you have trouble writing a good speech/toast, just find a template as that will make the experience a lot simpler!

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