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How to Choose the Best Wedding Car Hire for Your Big Day

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Wedding planning can be stressful with so much to organise in a short space of time. Picking out the perfect wedding car isn’t an exception as there’s so many to choose from and so much to consider. You obviously want one that you absolutely love the look of but you also have to consider the practical elements such as how many people do you plan to travel with and is there space for everyone and so on. Below are a few tips to help you choose something perfect.

Tips for Choosing

  • Decide how many people will be traveling with you. This will help you decide whether you need just one car, two cars or something much bigger such as a limo which can carry around sixteen people.
  • Think how far you will be traveling and how many journeys you will need to take to get to all the relevant venues. Timing and practicality are key.
  • Although hiring wedding cars in Perth may seem pretty straight forward, it can be a stress factor as there are so many to choose from. You should look at those companies that will help you arrange the route and timings for your day. You need to be realistic in order to give everyone enough time to get in and out. Consider how long it will take if for example, sixteen people to climb in and out, and whether you would need any additional trips for anything.
  • Look for a reputable company that specialises in wedding car hire that has lots of positive reviews. Ask them if they have backup plans in place if anything goes wrong on the day.
  • Consider what sort of car reflects you and your soon to be husband / wife. Do you like vintage, modern, traditional, fast, something that makes a bold statement or something quirky? If, for example, you are looking for something to make a bold statement which is also a little bit quirky to make your day memorable, then you could consider a limo from Wicked Limos, who have a range of classic limos, Hummer’s and other popular choices. You will also have your own chauffeur for the day and the help of the limo company to ensure your day is as stress-free, enjoyable and memorable as it can be.
  • Always book an appointment to view the wedding car in advance to make sure it is really all you were hoping for and that it’s something you love which is also practical.
  • Think about the size of your wedding dress and if it would fit comfortably in whichever wedding car you opt for as it’s no use if your dress is going to be squashed before you even arrive at the ceremony as that won’t look good in your wedding photos.

A Few More Tips to Ensure It All Runs Smoothly

– Book early
– Make sure you have exclusive use of the car for the entire day
– Read the contract carefully

With the tips above, you should have a stress-free memorable wedding day to enjoy looking back at for years to come.


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