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The Biggest Signs You Need to Propose

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Some consider the prospect of proposing to their significant other something far too terrifying to actually do. Others feel compelled to ask that important question as soon as the second date. Regardless of your personality, there are many different ways to determine whether or not to propose this year.

Once you decide you ready to ask that extremely exciting question, you must then decide when, where, and how to make that proposal happen. After all, you need to really surprise your significant other and make them remember that moment forever.


As much as you and your significant other love each other, you cannot forget the importance of finances. If you and your loved one still consider your money as “mine” and “yours,” it may not be time to propose. However, if you find yourself and your partner familiar with each other’s financial situations and frequently pooling money for shared interests, needs, and more, you may be ready for a wedding.

Be sure to remember that you do not have to know absolutely everything the other person does with their money throughout the month, but sharing in much of the financial responsibilities and treating money from both sides as something to share and use for each other is a great sign.


Perhaps you were just awarded with a promotion at work or made an exceptionally lucrative investment. Whatever suddenly brought you to a new milestone in life, it may be time to consider proposing in London. Many people who meet a specific career or financial goal take that as a sign to ask the question as they can now afford to raise a family. Although you should not force your partner to wait years before a proposal, unless they agree it to be best, you may decide this is the perfect situation after which to consider marriage.

Have Fun

You and your partner love excitement and fun, and how else to make life infinitely more exciting than a marriage proposal? The right companies make proposing more exciting than ever by offering unique situations targeted toward the specific interests of the person to whom you want to propose.

Imagine for a moment what it might feel like to set off a flash mob only to propose at the end. Your significant other’s wonder and excitement would quickly turn into shock and awe as you kneel and pull out a ring. If you already know what they would love and have an idea of how you want propose, you know that now is the time to pop the question.

Future Discussions

Although many couples speak of a future together, you must pay attention to the language used during such discussions. When you speak of a future together, do you use words such as “when” as you talk about yourselves? If the words used indicate a decision has already been made that you will be together during that future time, you should consider cementing that promise with a proposal. Talking about the future can only be made more exciting if you have a wedding on the horizon.

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