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5 Top Tips For Decorating A Marquee

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A marquee is perfect to add space to any event. They’re great for all occasions, whether it be a wedding, party or even a large family get together. A marquee allows you to hold your event in a location that otherwise might not have been suitable.

Once you’ve got your marquee all set up, you’ll want to decorate it to really enhance the overall appeal and to add to the atmosphere and occasion. It can be difficult to know where to start and the best ways to utilise the space you have. To help, we’ve created our top 5 tips for decorating a marquee.

1. Utilise the ceiling

The ceiling of a marquee can make for a great foundation to really help bring your marquee to life, and definitely should not be an area to overlook. Depending on what theme you’re going for, you could look to hang flowers or vines from the ceiling, balloons, bunting, flowers in containers, ribbons, pom poms or even upturned parasols. It’s a great opportunity to really get


2. Open it up in the summer

If your event is in the summer, then opening up a couple of the marquee walls will add space to the marquee and show off the beautiful surroundings. You can then merge outdoor and indoor decorations to make a seamless look for your decorations. You can utilise these larger entrance ways by having hanging banners, floral or tree arrangements or statues.

3. Use parts of the structure

Depending on what marquee you have, there might be structural parts that you can utilise. For example, your marquee might have poles to help keep it secure, and you should use these to your advantage. Look to wrap flowers, vines or material around them to help bring more colour and life to the inside of your marquee.

4. Make use of blank walls

If there’s a large blank wall in your marquee, this can be a great opportunity to be really creative. Projectors are becoming increasingly popular in marquees, whereby you project a colour or pattern onto the wall. You can also change it throughout the event to reflect changing moods. For example, you might have a simple pastel colour if you’re just having a meal, but this could change to more flashy, bright colours when you come to party.

5. Don’t forget about the lighting

Whilst your marquee will come with lighting, you should consider if you want to use more lighting to help bring more atmosphere to your marquee. For example, adding candles to the tables to create a moodier environment, or including fairy lights over the dance area. You could also use fairy lights to bring attention to important areas in the marquee, for example, the bar area or entrance way.

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