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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Buying an Engagement Ring

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Buying an engagement ring is tedious. Questions like, “will she like it” or “will it fit” are often the barriers of choosing the perfect ring for her.

As much as you want it to be perfect until the last tiny details, you can’t help but wonder if there is some universal guide in helping you find the right ring for her.

Luckily, our friends at Aurum Fine Jewellery are the list of things that will help you survive this ordeal.

  1. Try to remember certain ‘hints’ about her type of jewelry.

You are ready to ask the love of your life the most important question in your adulthood. Before uttering the sacred, “will you marry me?”, you need first the ring to symbolize your love to her. However, even if you spend awful lot of time with each other, you are still pretty much clueless as to what type of ring she wants.

Observation is the fundamental aspect needed before going to any jewelry store. Observe her. Observe what type of jewelry she usually wears. Ask around, seek information. After all, she will be the one that will wear it. It is important to note her preferences because this will be your overall basis in choosing the ring for her.

  1. Talk to your friends who already proposed, too.

If you are still not satisfied with the information that you gathered, then it is time to move forward with your research. Research her ancestral heritage – do they have a family heirloom that you can incorporate to the ring that you want to give her? Ask her immediate family and put some sort of disclaimer so it will still be a surprise to her. Ask your circle of friends, especially those that already experience proposing. Knowledge is power if wielded correctly and this includes choosing the right ring for her.

  1. Learn the 4Cs of a diamond.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” If you are planning in choosing a diamond ring as your engagement ring, it is better to know the 4Cs before splurging. These include the Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.

  1. Your budget may be stretched to the limit

Buying an engagement ring isn’t cheap. It is something that you should already have saved up money for. You can stretch your budget and splurge for your special someone in choosing the right ring for them. However, if you don’t have enough money to buy it, then always choose something modest but make sure that they will like.

The monetary value of engagement ring isn’t a basis of how much you love the person that you’re going to marry. It is just a symbol to remind them of your love. Set aside a budget on how much you’re going to spend and follow it. If your budget isn’t enough, put a limit on the amount you’re most willing to spend.

  1. Plan the best proposal, ever!

Buying an engagement ring isn’t the hardest part, yet. Some people go all out with their marriage proposal. Marriage proposals range from the utterly outrageous to the most romantic of all. Plan your proposal, set the mood, the whole thing depends on you.

Do you want to gather your closest family and friends? Do you want it by the beach, under the moonlit sky with crashing waves as your background music? There are a lot of proposal ideas available. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Make yours as personal and memorable as possible!

These are just ideas to help you choose the right engagement ring. At the end of the day, what matter most is the love you both have for each other; whether the engagement ring you have is expensive or modest will not be the definition of your love. Always choose the one you feel most comfortable in giving to her. Your engagement marks the beginning of your life together, forever. Make the most out of your head start by choosing the best engagement ring for your beloved lady.


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